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JX Online 3 New Sect - 风骨霸刀 1st CBT

Kingsoft announced the new sect "风骨霸刀"'s 1st CBT will begains on September 19! The thirteenth school "霸刀"of JX Online 3 makes its debut,which character called 方士.

Moreover,there are many mysterious maps are waiting for swordmen to expericence.


As usual,players need to  CBT Code to have a chance to experience this great“风骨霸刀" and many Codes will be gifted by Kingsoft from 13:00pm on 19th(BeiJing Time).

風骨霸刀 CBT:

Code Application:

1.Who has the eligibility to apply?

JX Online gamers who's cumulative recharging time,the amount of money up to 720Yuan in all servers from August 28,2009 to December 31,2016.

2.Could I apply to some codes?

One account One code.

3.What should I do after geting code?

Swordmen need to active the code which claimed in Activation page.

In this 风骨霸刀's 1st CBT,the newest "上阳宫 ShangYangGong" and “方士”will be open to players on 19th.





上阳宫 is made of "上阳宫·观风殿' and"上阳宫·双曜亭",and has two modes:Basic Mode with 10 people.Heron Mode with 25 people.