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The QingGong 2.0 Video Guide of JX 3 all sects

The latest "QingGong"  2.0 system of "壮志凌云(Zhuangzhilingyun)" was released,all sects in JX Online 3  are the latest version.Swordsmen of old sects can turn to the latest mode with Shift key in the condition of QingGong.Different schools have different QingGong styles,they can use rection key or  rotating the camera to" Air Walk" at any orientation.

Moreover,there are so many surprise in this video,plz,follow this official video guide to enjoy JX 3!

JX 3 QingGong was developed and released in 2011,and it's the first online game which adopted to ACT Mode to create QingGong system.8 schools were not Air Walking freely at the start,and QingGong assisted by "飞檐走壁" (wall-walking)and "水上漂"(flying on the water) the core of Martial-arts and QingGong.