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JX Online 3 霸刀 CG Full Verison Update!

As we all know,the new sect '风骨霸刀' of JX Online 3 will be OBT at 12:00 on Octor 17th,2016(BeiJing Time).

Kingsoft updated 霸刀 CG full version on Octor 12nd,which is introduces the entangled fate of CangJian(藏剑) and BaDao (霸刀),moreover,players also get a chance to see the fierce competition of Wei Ye and FuYun Liu.

霸刀 CG Full Ver.

Open  Time: 12:00 on Octor 17th

Recommended Servers:

Telecom 8th Server:风骨霸刀

Netcom 3rd Server:雪絮金屏

Telecom 3rd Server:秀明尘身

Netcom 1st/2nd Server:松烟竹雾