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Internet Drama '四海流云' PV !

JX Online 3 New Year verison just released on January 19th, more and more gamers had participate in kinds of Spring Fesitval activities with great interest.

Attractive topic Internet Drama '四海流云' of JX Online 3 published stills and the first PV.

The Internet Drama '四海流云' , which leading role is 谢云流 Xie Yun Liu, returns to JX Online 3 background, costume and world view deeply. Make swordsmen experience the flourishing prosperity of Tang Dynasty with a new perspective.

JX Online 3 - Internet Drama '四海流云' PV:

Main Characters:


谢云流 Xie Yun liu


李华婉 Li Hua Wan


李隆基 Li Long Ji


陆危楼 Lu Wei Lou


红衣教夜纱 Ye Sha


武三思 Wu San Si

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