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“百家争鸣”Alpha Test of Test Server will kicks off on 23rd

Good morning players,

The Alpha Test of JX Online 3  "百家争鸣" Test Server will be beginning on 23rd,Jun.Tangmen Shota makes his debut,all schools' skills also be adjusted.Moreover the new mystery place "白帝水宫" can be playable.

To let more and more senior player could experience the update,we make a plan:

一,Application for Test Server

    1) Swordsmen who already active account of Test Server can login directly.

    2)We will send new activation code to swordsmen who haven't active account yet by Wechat,weibo,official forum and YY8030,etc.

 3)When get activation code,you can active your account on Official site.

二、Update plan of Test Server

  1)Tangmen Shota Update on 23rd;

     2)"白帝水宫" Update on 28th;

     3)12 schools Skills Adjustment on 30th;

    4)Role-playing system Update and Store interface Adjustment on 7th,Jule;

  NOTE:Test contents are all not the final version.We will adjust according to the facts.