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Play JX Online 3 from anywhere with low ping - Fix Lag Issue


Players will get high ping or laggy issue when playing JX Online 3 outside China. A game ping accelerator or a VPN is necessity to get great gameplay experience while playing Chinese MMORPG around the world.

Lonlife Booster is said to be the best game ping booster for foreign players when playing JX Online 3 as its EU-CN, US-CN or other lines and set many servers across the globe.

Lonlife Booster could give players below 200ms when playing Chinese MMOPRG or Chinese version of MMORPG, which is more faster than server-connection directly.

Moreover, lonlife could stabilize connection and resolve the problem of packet loss at blazing fast speeds even during peak time.

Here is a guide on How To Reduce JX Online 3 lag from anywhere on 2017.

Part 1. Register and Download JX Online 3

Head over to other article to know >>> How To Register, Download and Play JX Online 3 outside China.

Part 2. Fix JX Online 3 Lag Issue with Lonlife Booster

Step 1. Lonlife Account Creation

Lonlife Booster Official site: (Support English)

Click SIGN UP to register an Lonlife Booster account: 


Step 2. Download and Install Lonlife Booster

Because of lonlife Booster supports Win and Mac operating system, two clients could be chose.



When client downloaded successfully, run program to start install following Installation Wizard.

Choose English before starting to install.

Step 3. Top Up Lonlife 

Lonlife Booster is the best Game Ping Accelerator for players outside China and that's why lonlife is a paid software.

'Good' and 'free' don't get along too well.

It's better than many free ping boosters on reducing lag or resolve packet loss. If suspect lonlife booster performance, just contact Lonlife Booster Support Team to get Free Trail to try the OL ping reducer out freely.

Buy Now:

Finally, enjoy JX Online 3 with slow ping by Lonlife Booster outside China.

Launch Lonlife client on your computer and login it with created lonlife Account.


Then type in "JX Online 3 or 剑侠情缘" in search box to add JX Online 3 and improve the game performance.


Lonlife supports JX Online 3 Chinese server (Mainland China) and Taiwan server for foreign players.

Moreover, players could choose server like Netcom or Telecom of JX Online 3 to play. 


Then,click"启动加速" to start reduce lag of JX Online 3 on your computer.



In the end, launch JX Online 3 client and lonlife will accelerate it automatically.


Although not living out in China, players can play JX Online 3 smoothly and faster with Lonlife Booster.